Addicted to Trivia Crack? Take the C.I.Agent Solutions’ Challenge

Fun, educational and highly addictive are rarely words used to describe the same item, but in the case of Trivia Crack, it’s true. Currently the most popular game in both the Android and iOS App Stores, it’s being downloaded about 750,000 times per day in the U.S.]. Users play random opponents or friends from social media one-on-one in a battle of who-knows-what. One useful review compared it to Trivial Pursuit, but without the board and pieces. There is, however, a colorful wheel you spin to reveal what category your next trivia question will fall under.

Questions are divided into six categories – history, geography, art, sports, entertainment and science. To win the game, you must win a crown in each of these categories before your opponent. Crowns are won by correctly answering three questions in a row, or by spinning the wheel and landing on the purple crown icon.

Since several of the staff members here at C.I.Agent Solutions have become hooked, it’s as good of a time as ever to offer readers a C.I.Agent Solutions’ inspired Challenge. When engaged in Challenge mode, you play 10 random players (or social media friends) and are required to answer 12 questions (two in each category). The person who answers the most amount of questions, in the least amount of time, wins the challenge. We can’t time you in this case, nor can we track how you come out in comparison to anyone else. But in the spirit of fun, why not read through the questions below, and see how well you do? How much do you really know about C.I.Agent Solutions?



Question 1: History
C.I.Agent Solutions’ work with what tragic oil spill brought national recognition to the company’s unique technology and solutions?
– Exxon Valdez
– Odyssey Oil Spill
– Atlantic Empress
– Deepwater Horizon

Question 2: History
Dan Parker, Founder and CEO of C.I.Agent Solutions, started his first company, a 24-hour vehicle repair shop, at age 21. What was the name of that company?
– Dad’s Auto Imports
– Park at Parker’s Garage
– Round the Clock Auto Repair
– Auto Agent Service Shop


Question 3: Geography
In which U.S. state was the first installation of C.I.Agent Barrier Boom secondary containment?
– Kentucky
– Michigan
– Alabama
– Ohio

Question 4: Geography
C.I.Agent Solutions has international partners in which of these countries?
– Sweden
– Australia
– South Korea
– All of these countries



Question 5: Art
The staff at C.I.Agent Solutions commissioned a painting by our own Brent Warfield, as a gift for Dan and Mary Parker for Christmas 2014. What was the painting of?
– Their dogs
– Their house
– Their grandchildren
– Their children

Question 6: Art
Which of the following is one of Dan Parker’s favorite books on management and leadership?
– The One Minute Manager
– Who Moved My Cheese?
– The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
– How to Win Friends and Influence People



Question 7: Sports
Dan Parker cheers for which college sports program?
– University of Kentucky Wildcats
– Stanford University Cardinal
– University of Arizona Wildcats
– University of Louisville Cardinals

Question 8: Sports
What kind of charity sports event did C.I.Agent Solutions participate in on Oaks Day in May 2013?
– Golf Scramble
– 5K Race
– Bowl-a-Thon
– Hot Dog Eating Contest



Question 9: Entertainment
On what popular cable news show did Dan Parker appear to demonstrate the solidifying capabilities of C.I.Agent polymers?
– Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)
– Huckabee (Fox News)
– Hardball (MSNBC)
– The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News)

Question 10: Entertainment
The staff at C.I.Agent Solutions “cooled off” last summer by participating in a viral video campaign on social media designed to raise awareness. What hashtag represented that campaign?
– #FirstWorldProblems
– #WhyIStayed
– #ALSIceBucketChallenge
– #BringBackOurGirls



Question 11: Science
For those wanting to create a smaller carbon footprint with their secondary containment, C.I.Agent Solutions offers an innovative design that incorporates the use of what product to create a void space?
– 8” concrete blocks
– Perforated ABS pipes
– Compressed earth blocks
– Composite wood

Question 12: Science
What is the flow rate of Agent-Q, a filtering media made up of two layers of high-strength, lightweight, hydrophilic spunbond nonwoven fabric with C.I.Agent Polymers embedded between the layers in a diamond pattern quilted together via ultrasonic bonding to encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons on contact without absorbing water?
– 100 gallons/minute/m2
– 200 gallons/minute/m2
– 300 gallons/minute/m2
– 400 gallons/minute/m2

So how well did you do in the CIAS Challenge? Still wondering about some of the answers? We’ll post the correct answers in the comment section later this week, so check back and see!


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