Secondary Containment – C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom

C.I.Agent Barrier Boom is an oil spill secondary containment system that will allow unimpeded flow of water during normal rainfall events or snowmelt, but will become an impervious containment barrier in the event of an oil release.

The Environmental Protection Agency requires anyone who stores large quantities of oil to develop and implement an oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan.

C.I.Agent Barrier Boom has become the accepted solution for SPCC Secondary Containment compliance by professional engineers across the nation.

The Secondary Containment Barrier Boom is constructed from non-woven geo-textile material filled with C.I.Agent Granules, a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers, and backed with Agent-X, a non-woven geo-textile material with C.I.Agent embedded within the fabric.

Over the last decade, over 8,000 C.I.Agent Barrier Boom Secondary Containment systems have been installed in the electrical utility industry. The Barrier Boom Containment is backed by a four million dollar liability insurance policy for all installations.


C.I.Agent Barrier Boom is the ideal solution for providing secondary containment as required by 40 CFR 112, SPCC. C.I.Agent Barrier Boom Containment has been installed and PE Certified more than 8,000 times over the last eight years in substations for the electric utility industry. Other applications for oil spill secondary containment with C.I.Agent Barrier Boom include pad-mounted transformers, oil-filled equipment storage areas, bulk fuel and oil storage areas — all without the use of concrete walls, sump pumps, and oil-water separator systems.


  • Hydrocarbon flow rate: 0 GPM (100% containment)
  • Solidifies approximately a half gallon of oil per square foot depending on its viscosity.
  • Service life of installed produce: Up to 200 years


  • Ease of installation: typically completed in one day.
  • No special tools required.
  • Equipment remains fully energized.
  • No monitoring or maintenance of containment required.
  • Eliminates the need for concrete walls, sump pump systems, and oil-water separators.
  • Reduces containment cost by 50% to 80% (on average).
  • Can be disposed of in most landfills, eliminating the fees associated with hazardous waste disposal.


C.I.Agent Barrier Boom is manufactured to the specific requirements of the containment site. In most cases the C.I.Agent Barrier Boom can be delivered within two weeks from date of the order.

Onsite Install Photos

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Windfarm Secondary Containment Install

Indy Secondary Containment Install

Illustrations and Product Photos

Central Electric Secondary Containment Install

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