C.I.Agent® – Solidifies Fuel And Oil For Spill Control

Revolutionary Hydrocarbon Spill Containment And Cleanup Technology.

C.I.Agent® is the only solidifier that works on a full spectrum of hydrocarbons, ranging from low-end gasoline to heavy crude oil.
Upon contact, C.I.Agent instantly solidifies and detoxifies fuel, oil and other hydrocarbons for spill control. Hydrocarbons solidified by C.I.Agent become non-hazardous, float on water and do not leach when retrieved from land or water.

Solidified hydrocarbons can be reused in various industrial applications (for example in asphalt), or simply burned as fuel with minimal ash residue (0.2%).

We manufacture a wide range of C.I.Agent products for applications in the Electrical Utility industry and the Marine Industry, such as Barrier Booms and Rapid Response Systems. We also provide custom solutions if you have specific needs.

C.I.Agent® in a nutshell:

Onsite Clean-up Photos

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