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CIAgent Solutions Groundbreaking

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As an entrepreneur, Dan Parker has rarely been scared to embark on new ventures. But honestly, what successful entrepreneur ever is?

After all, being afraid to take chances sort of defeats the purpose of being an entrepreneur.

Most successful companies don’t start with thousands of employees and annual profits in the millions. No, most companies start with a single person or group of people, and a dream. Then, the roller coaster of a journey that is running a business begins. Millions of moments occur along the way, from making major decisions, experiencing harrowing consequences, and feeling the rush from times of joy and aches from times of sorrow. All this is rolled into what we call the entrepreneur experience. This experience has been, and continues to be, like a wildly successful theme park, constantly expanding on what we offer consumers and always in a state of exponential growth. Since we have a customer first mentality, we recognize that in order to properly meet product demand, expansion is imminent. C.I.Agent Solutions is proud to announce we’re finally here… The groundbreaking!

The start of something even greater than we ever imagined.

On Thursday, July 7, 2016, the staff at C.I.Agent Solutions officially broke ground on our new, 35,000-square-foot headquarters, located on Otto Knop Drive off of Electron Drive. We’re happy to say we’re moving because of stellar, sustained growth that has caused us to outgrow our current facility. Since we don’t plan on stopping our momentum anytime soon, this is the only option. Be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter over the next year, as we regularly update our followers on the construction progress.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy this interactive timeline, in which we share a just a few of the millions of moments that led us to where we are today. Despite all the success we’ve experienced, we believe this is just the beginning of our journey as a company … and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!



IRST dba C.I.Agent Solutions History


July 2016

Future home of C.I.Agent Solutions corporate headquarters

Groundbreaking for new building.

March 2016

In honor of a beloved employee no longer with us, Dan Parker announced that Employee Appreciation Day, which falls on the first Friday of every March, will be known within our company every year as Donavan Carey-Smith Day.


September 2015

In early 2015, Dan Parker had an epiphany when he realized that few too many of our customers were aware of all the various oil containment applications that were available because of our innovative technology. He spent several months working with the marketing team to launch the free, interactive Secondary Containment Solutions Tool on our company website.

August 2015

A strategic partnership is formed with StrongwellNew partnerships are solidified with complementary companies we once considered competition, such as Strongwell Corporation.

March 2015

C.I.Agent Solutions new future homeIRST purchases land on which to build new corporate headquarters.

March 2015

C.I.Agent Solutions is granted U.S. Patent No. 8,986,822 for Agent-Q, also known as an “OIL IMPERVIOUS DEVICE WITH HIGH WATER FLOW RATE.”

February 2015

A new digital media marketing team releases a revamped corporate website design to embrace and promote the company’s “New Vision” for success.C.I.Agent Solutions revamps our online presence to be as accessible as possible


October 2014

A line of Vault and Manhole Maintenance Solutions for underground electric utilities is introduced.Sump Filtration technology

August 2014

C.I.Agent Solutions launches a new blog as part of streamlined digital marketing efforts.New marketing efforts set in motion

February 2014

In light of dismal sales from the external sales force, the company leadership initiates a complete overhaul of how manufacturing sales reps are managed.


October 2013

Dan Parker seeks treatment for alcohol abuse out of state.

November 2013

Following his recovery, Dan develops a “New Vision” for the company to mainly focus our growth strategy on secondary oil containment, rather than spill response; the plan for success anticipates much growth, despite lacking the physical SPACE in which to expand. Dan sets his sights on growing the company through oil containment solutions


November 2012

After witnessing the potential for a quilted blanket containing C.I.Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers for oil containment on water, Agent-Q becomes a reality!Agent-Q enhances our oil containment capabilities

February 2012

Begins consulting with Dr. Rakesh K. Gupta, Ph.D., for third-party tests and validation, due to his expertise in non-wovens and textiles.


July 2011

A storage facility is constructed on English Station Road to create more space in the warehouse.C.I.Agent Solutions expands yet again


September 2010

C.I.Agent Solutions named the winner of the Phoenix AwardC.I.Agent Solutions is named winner of the Phoenix Award in the 2010 Greater Louisville Inc.credible Awards. The award represents a company’s ability to rise up from a disaster and be stronger for it.

June 2010

Dan Parker and Dan Koons appeared before the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship in Washington, DC. The hearing entitled, “Harnessing Small Business Innovation: Navigating the Evaluation Process for Gulf Coast Oil Cleanup Proposals,” focused on small businesses obtaining contracts from the federal government to support clean up of the Gulf Coast oil spill.


April 2010

BP requests C.I.Agent Solutions to consult on the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill. A response team with a trailer and an RV headed down to help and remained on location in Louisiana for 4 and a half months.C.I.Agent Solutions helps with BP Oil Spill

January 2010

C.I.Agent Solutions acquires a new division called C.I.Agent Stormwater Solutions, to provide solutions for water filtration, diversion and monitoring. Including in that division is Aqualytical, developer of the CLAM, an innovative device designed to revolutionize the water monitoring industry.C.I.Agent Stormwater Solutions is acquired by C.I.Agent Solutions


October 2009

C.I.Agent Solutions on the riseC.I.Agent Solutions declared 5th fasting growing company in the Louisville Metro area by Business First’s Fast 50. Also named #24 in 2008, #14 in 2010, and #29 in 2011.

June 2009

Expansion begins on current facility, to add nearly 2,500 square-feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.C.I.Agent Solutions expands headquarters

April 2009

C.I.Agent Solutions introduces the EVAC Filtration System for utility vault dewatering.EVAC oil dewatering

February 2009

Oil Filtration technology applied on ship decksC.I.Agent Solutions begins working with Marathon Petroleum to develop Scupper Filters for scupper drains on vessels.


November 2008

At investor meeting, Dan Parker announces great profits and the plan to expand current facility.

June 2008

Oil spill response clean upIRST launches the Cost Recovery Program, a new division of the company created to help emergency services recover costs associated with emergency cleanup.

March 2008

The company offers turnkey solutions to a major utility, meaning we walk the site, determine needs, prepare site plan, and install the secondary containment. This actually serves as the forerunner to the CIAS Turnkey Approach we promote today.


December 2007

A fire in the manufacturing area at the corporate office caused $175,000 worth of damage, but no down time in production.fire at corporate office

May 2007

C.I.Agent Solutions becomes a separate division of IRST to provide an organization with a mission to provide environmentally friendly oil containment solutions.C.I.Agent Solutions becomes separate division of IRST


March 2006

Board of Advisors are chosen and start meeting regularly.Board of advisors are formed


December 2005

Year ends with sales up 400% from previous year.

September 2005

Hurricane Katrina strikes. IRST packs the in motor home with supplies and drives down to help NOAA during assessment of damages.

IRST helps NOAA during Hurricane Katrina
IRST helps NOAA during Hurricane Katrina - 2

June 2005

Dr. Tom Hanley, Chemistry professor at University of Louisville J.B. SPEED School of Engineering, agrees to come on board as a consultant for the company.Dr. Tom Hanley joins the board

May 2005

IRST is sued for patent infringement by a competitor. The case against us was eventually dismissed without prejudice.


December 2004

Sales are up 700-800%, due to obtaining some major electric utility customers.business with the electric utility industry increases IRST sales 800%

October 2004

C.I.Agent is finally recognized as a solution for the electrical utility market.C.I.Agent Solutions receives significant credibility

March 2004

After initially struggling to break into the electric utility arena, IRST receives a large order from a Kentucky Rural electric co-operative. The timing of this is significant, as the company had gone broke twice before this and would not have survived without this order.

Huge order from electrical utility company


September 2003

Per recommendations based on the standard sales structure within the electric utility industry, IRST begins building a network of manufacturing sales representatives to help promote and sell C.I.Agent applications across the United States.

July 2003

IRST begins developing a C.I.Agent imbedded product that would expand the company’s markets into the hydrocarbon filtration and storm water industries. Agent-X is born.hydrocarbon filtration technology on display

January 2003

2003 New office headquarters

IRST purchases a new building and moves its corporate office and all inventory to Louisville, KY.


November 2002

Transformer oil containment first installation

The first installation of C.I.Agent in a secondary containment application takes place at a Michigan substation. Barrier Boom, as it was originally called, goes through many changes throughout the years, evolving into the versatile Oil Filtration Walls/Panels it is today.

August 2002

IRST meets Brian Warner, an Environmental and Safety engineer from a Michigan utility company, who suggests the use of C.I.Agent products for secondary oil containment of substations and transformers.

July 2002

C.I.Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers in their first local application at McAlphine DamIRST uses C.I.Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers to clean up first spill in Louisville at McAlpine Dam, adding credibility for C.I.Agent to be used on waters of the U.S.



On Site Waste Management founded IRST, a new division to focus on hydrocarbon management through the use of its flagship product, C.I.Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers.IRST is founded to focus on hydrocarbon management




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