Emergency Spill Response – C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow and Bilge Daddy / Jr.

C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow and Bilge Daddy / Jr.

The C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow and Boom can be placed in the bilge of a vessel to capture and solidify hydrocarbons. As the C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow or Boom floats and moves around the bilge compartment, the oil and fuel are captured and separated from the water. This process can be repeated until the bilge water is oil free.

The C.I.Agent Bilge Daddy and Jr. are similar to the Marine Pillow but differs in their chemical makeup as well as their packaging. The Marine pillow is designed to quickly adsorb hydrocarbons from the bilge water while the Daddy and Jr. are engineered to do this over a longer duration. The Bilge Daddy and Jr. not only8* work in adsorbing hydrocarbons but have also been packeged to be sold in retail stores or marinas.

Onsite and Product Photos

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Marine Pillow

Bilge Daddy / Bilge Jr.

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