Emergency Spill Response Overview

I.R.S.T. Kleen-N-Dry

Kleen-N-Dry is an oil absorbent and remediation product that uses nature’s methods and materials to control and remediate hydrocarbons. Kleen-N-Dry contains all the natural ingredients necessary to accelerate the indigenous microbes to a point where they will rapidly degradate unwanted hydrocarbons. Kleen-N-Dry picks up hydrocarbons from soil or solid surfaces and is harmless to plant and animal life.

C.I.Agent® Spill Response Bag

The C.I.Agent® Spill Response Bag is designed as a “Rapid Spill Response System” for hydrocarbon spills on both land and water. The Spill Response Bag contains several different C.I.Agent® polymer devices — a C.I.Agent® Quick Deployment Boom, C.I.Agent® Granules, and C.I.Agent® Bilge Bags – all in a nylon bag that can easily be stored in cars, trucks and emergency vehicles.

C.I.Agent® Rapid Response System

C.I.Agent® Rapid Response Systems are easy-to-use and easy-to-store packages containing a variety of spill response materials and equipment specifically designed to meet your hazmat needs. C.I.Agent® is listed on EPA’s National Contingency Plan Product Schedule.

C.I.Agent® Tar Ball Catcher

C.I.Agent® Tar Ball Catcher attaches easily to any hard boom and will catch tar balls suspended in the water column. Once the tar balls are caught in the net, they either stay in the netting or release and float to the water’s surface for capturing and disposal.

C.I.Agent® Sheen Machine

C.I.Agent® Sheen Machine is a self-contained system ideal for capturing hydrocarbon sheen in remote areas with limited access such as creeks, streams, and outfalls; in rough terrain, no need to cut access roads. This durable, light-weight, and portable system can also be used in marinas and harbors to capture and remove hydrocarbon sheen before it impacts the environment.

C.I.Agent® Water Cannon

The C.I.Agent® Water Cannon is an effective spill response tool for applying C.I.Agent® Oil Solidifying Polymers directly onto a hydrocarbon spill from land or sea. (manufactured in Australia only)

C.I.Agent® Sheen Boom

C.I.Agent® Sheen Boom is a device especially designed to collect sheen and hydrocarbons from the surface of water where there are issues with currents and/or wind. The Sheen Boom is constructed from a special high tensile screen that allows hydrocarbons to enter into the boom and be solidified by a proprietary blend of large and small polymers.

C.I.Agent® Quick Deployment Boom

C.I.Agent® Quick Deployment Boom (QDB) is a spill containment device for hydrocarbon spills on both land and water. The 1.75 in. QDB is filled with C.I.Agent®, a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers, which encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons upon contact.

C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow and Bilge Daddy / Jr.

The C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow and Boom can be placed in the bilge of a vessel to capture and solidify hydrocarbons. As the C.I.Agent® Marine Pillow or Boom floats and moves around the bilge compartment, the oil and fuel are captured and separated from the water. This process can be repeated until the bilge water is oil free.

The C.I.Agent® Bilge Daddy and Jr. are similar to the Marine Pillow but differs in their chemical makeup as well as their packaging. The Marine pillow is designed to quickly adsorb hydrocarbons from the bilge water while the Daddy and Jr. are engineered to do this over a longer duration. The Bilge Daddy and Jr. not only8* work in adsorbing hydrocarbons but have also been packeged to be sold in retail stores or marinas.

C.I.Agent® Marina Spill Response Systems

C.I.Agent® Marina Spill Response Systems are designed to store C.I.Agent® products used to contain and clean up hydrocarbon spills on water in marinas. Each C.I.Agent® Marina Spill Response System contains a Quick Deployment Boom, Bilge Bags, and C.I.Agent® Dissolvable Film Packs.

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