C.I.Agent® Water Sheen Boom

The C.I.Agent® Water Sheen Boom is an oil spill containment boom and is an essential component for any Oil Spill Supplies.

C.I.Agent® Water Sheen Boom is an oil spill containment boom especially designed to collect sheen and hydrocarbons from the surface of water where there are issues with currents and/or wind. The Sheen Boom is constructed from a special high tensile screen that allows hydrocarbons to enter into the oil boom and be solidified by a proprietary blend of large and small polymers. Unlike polypropylene oil booms, the Sheen Boom won’t allow hydrocarbons to leach out its back side.

Water Sheen Boom Applications

C.I.Agent® Water Sheen Boom Applications

The Sheen Boom is cleanable and can be used over and over until it becomes solid. Rinse dirt and debris off its surface and redeploy as needed. It can be used in multiple applications, such as keeping sheen from leaving retention ponds and entering spillways or storm drains. It is also useful when placed across or around wastewater intakes as well as out-falls, and at fueling docks on waterways where there is a current.

Water Sheen Boom Product Specifications

C.I.Agent® Water Sheen Boom Product Specifications

PVC-coated screen with great tensile strength. Oil Boom will exhibit dusting until it is wetted.

The Sheen Booms are available in 3” diameter and 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 ft. lengths. Strapping and nylon rope run through the center available per customer’s request.

Technical Information

Technical Information

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