C.I.Agent Solutions Australia Pacific: Saving wildlife in Australia

At C.I.Agent Solutions Australia Pacific, caring for the environment goes further than cleaning up oil spills.

Barry Sim, managing director of the Australia Pacific division of C.I.Agent Solutions, has set up an animal nursery inside his warehouse to care for animals that are injured or contaminated by oil. Emergency response employees at C.I.Agent Solutions Australia Pacific are fully licensed wildlife caregivers through the Native Animal Trust Fund (NATF).

When responding to oil spills, C.I.Agent Solutions Australia Pacific does not only provide state-of-the-art oil spill cleanup technology, but also provides immediate care for animals that might be caught up in oil spills.

Barry Sim: “Most of the animals we care for in our warehouse are injured or orphaned, and we have also treated animals for oil contamination, especially birds. “


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