Secondary Containment Overview

The below products are used to manufacture our secondary containment systems. Our containment solutions provide a budget friendly way to stay SPCC compliant.

C.I.Agent Solutions® specializes in the secondary containment industry and works with companies all over the world to meet their secondary oil containment needs. Secondary containment in the utility industry has the reputation of being an expensive, but necessary cost of business to protect the environment from oil spills migrating into water sources. C.I.Agent Solutions® makes SPCC containment requirements affordable to meet. Our secondary containment systems, the Barrier Boom and Polyvinyl Blanket, utilizes our C.I.Agent® polymers which solidifies oil into a recyclable rubber-like mass on contact and then acts as a barrier to prevent oil from leaving the containment area. C.I.Agent Solutions® secondary containment systems have an excellent track record of helping over 9,000 utility companies stay SPCC compliant and environmentally safe while being budget friendly for over 13 years.

C.I.Agent® Solidifying Polymers

C.I.Agent® is the only solidifier that works on a full spectrum of hydrocarbons, ranging from low-end gasoline to heavy crude oil.
Upon contact, C.I.Agent instantly solidifies and detoxifies fuel, oil and other hydrocarbons for spill control. Hydrocarbons solidified by C.I.Agent become non-hazardous, float on water and do not leach when retrieved from land or water. Solidified hydrocarbons can be reused in various industrial applications (for example in asphalt), or simply burned as fuel with minimal ash residue (0.2%).

C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom

C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom is an oil spill secondary containment system that will allow unimpeded flow of water during normal rainfall events or snowmelt, but will become an impervious barrier in the event of an oil release.

C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom has become the accepted solution for SPCC Secondary Containment compliance by professional engineers across the nation. The Barrier Boom is constructed from non-woven geo-textile material filled with C.I.Agent Granules, a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers, and backed with Agent-X, a non-woven geo-textile material with C.I.Agent embedded within the fabric. Over the last decade, over 8,000 C.I.Agent Barrier Boom Secondary Containment systems have been installed in the electrical utility industry. The Barrier Boom is backed by a four million dollar liability insurance policy for all installations.

C.I.Agent® Agent-X

C.I.Agent® Agent-X is a new generation of smart textiles using embedded technology. Agent-X is made of two layers of a geo-textile with C.I.Agent® Polymers embedded between the layers. This hybrid creates a filtration fabric that encapsulates hydrocarbons and forces them to unsaturated areas of the fabric.

C.I.Agent® Polyvinyl Blankets

The C.I.Agent® Polyvinyl and Barrier Boom Containment Systems for hydrocarbon filtration in sandy or undetermined subsoils, allows storm water to flow through the C.I.Agent Barrier Boom side walls while removing hydrocarbons. In the event of a large spill, the side walls completely solidify and contain the hydrocarbon, keeping it from escaping.

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