C.I.Agent Pump-It Tube Silt Sack – Sludge Dewatering


The versatile Pump-It Tube Silt Sack removes 92% sediment when dewatering collection ponds, sumps and more. It attaches easily to pipes and hoses with a Velcro® strip (included). A pipe clamp or heavy zip tie (not included) can also be used during sludge dewatering. It is a reinforced, spunbound, nonwoven polyester geotextile tube that allows 192 gal/min/ft2 and minimizes high pressure blowouts.

The Pump-It Tube is inexpensive to use, easy to clean, easy to store and reusable method of dewatering. The pump can run at full speed without the need to put on a slope or a bed of hay or aggregate. It can be disposed of in landfills or by incineration (always check local, state and federal regulations).


Pump-It Tube Silt Sack Applications

Pump-It Tube Silt Sack – Sludge Dewatering Applications

  • Filtering and backflushing wastewater
  • Dewatering collection ponds, sumps and more

Pump-It Tube Specifications

Pump-It Tube Silt Sack – Sludge Dewatering Specifications

(Minimum Average Fabric Values)

  • Properties
  • Mass Per Unit Area (oz/yd2)
  • Grab Tensile Strength, MD x CD (lbs.)
  • Grab Elongation, MD x CD (%)
  • Trapezoid Tear, MD x CD (lbs.)
  • Puncture (lbs.)
  • Burst Strength (psi)
  • Permittivity (sec-1)
  • A.O.S. (U.S. sieve – (mm))
  • ASTM Test
  • D 3776
  • D 4632
  • D 4632
  • D 4533
  • D 4833
  • D 3786
  • D 4491
  • D 4751
  • Value
  • 5.2
  • 297 x 223
  • 58/59
  • 81 x 75
  • 99
  • 340
  • 2.60
  • 60


Pump-It Tube Silt Sack Benefits

Pump-It Tube Silt Sack – Sludge Dewatering Benefits

  • Inexpensive to use
  • Reusable – easy to clean
  • Easy to store on shelf or in vehicle
  • Can be disposed of in landfills or by incineration. Always comply with local, state, and federal regulations for non-hazardous solid waste.

Technical Information

Technical Information

  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Benefits
  • Technical Information


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