Storm-Water Overview

C.I.Agent® Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring

The C.L.A.M. is a state-of-the-art small submersible extraction sampler using EPA approved SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) media to sequester Pesticides, Herbicides, PAH’s, TPH, and other trace organics from water. The C.L.A.M. uses low flow rate extraction sampling (5-60 ml/minute), where water is drawn continuously through the extraction media.

C.I.Agent® Automatic Storm-water Diversion System (ASWDS)

The C.I.Agent® Automatic Stormwater Diversion System (ASWDS) is an automated electronic system designed to change the path of water; commonly dirty use water to one path and clean stormwater to another. This system is pre-configured for site-specific needs and is easy to install. No special engineer or contractor is required. The ASWDS requires little maintenance and comes with clear installation and configuration guides. One of the strongest advantages of this system is its configurability. The configuration can be changed by using the intuitive controls on the STORMController box.

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