Wastewater Filtration – C.I.Agent® Agent-Q Composite Fabric

C.I.Agent® Agent-Q (US Patent 8,986,822) is a non-woven composite fabric structure embedded with C.I.Agent Polymers for oil spill solidification. It is a key component of many of our secondary containment solutions, vault and manhole maintenance and water / wastewater filtration solutions.

Because of Agent-Q, wastewater filtration or removal becomes easy as wastewater flows freely through the oil filtering material without putting the water under pressure. The fabric is quilted in diamond pattern to encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons on contact without absorbing wastewater The company’s flagship product, C.I.Agent®, is a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers that are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and non-hazardous. C.I.Agent is listed in the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule* for oil spill cleanup, can be used on land or in fresh and salt water, and is very effective in extreme temperatures.

The versatile, lightweight, hydrophilic spunbond fabric are quilted together via ultrasonic bonding, which allows C.I.Agent to be more effective in the distribution process, while using less C.I.Agent product to accomplish the same clean up.

The idea for C.I.Agent® Agent-Q (US Patent 8,986,822) was born during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, when a need for a quilted blanket containing C.I.Agent Polymers for oil retrieval and oil containment on water was realized. Though originally conceptualized as a tool for oil spill response, Agent-Q has proven an excellent wastewater removal and oil filtration media. If an Agent-Q filter is installed in a secondary containment system complete with an open valve to filter wastewater through, it will not back up in the secondary containment area. It has the ability to process sheen and, when using multiple layers of Agent-Q, will create a total stoppage of hydrocarbons.


Agent-Q Oil Containment & Wastewater Applications

  • Manufacturing of wastewater filtration equipment that require hydrocarbon removal
  • Manufacturing of air filters
  • Emergency spill response to increase the efficiency of containment booms, pillows, and blankets
  • Stormwater and wastewater drainage systems
  • Secondary containment solutions for utility industries
  • Drip pads

Performance Specifications

Agent-Q Performance Specifications

  • C.I.Agent® Agent-Q (US Patent 8,986,822) averages 350 grams of C.I.Agent per square meter
  • One layer of Agent-Q flows 400 gallons/minute/square meter
  • Agent-Q has an average grab strength of a nominal 60 lbs. (ASTM D5034 testing)
  • Agent-Q has a burst strength of a nominal 70 psi (ASTM D3786 testing)
  • UV resistance of 70% (typically covered with clean, washed stone)


Agent-Q Oil Containment & Wastewater Benefits

  • High hydrocarbon binding and oil filtration capability
  • Creates no water flow restriction therefore allowing high wastewater flow rates
  • Not dependent on wastewater pressure
  • Multiple layers can be used to provide the desired balance between wastewater flow rate and hydrocarbon filtration efficiency
  • Floats on water even when completely solidified
  • Solidifies all organic hydrocarbons
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Information

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