Water Filtration Overview

C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration

The C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration System uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove suspended solids and light sheen from water discharge operations in vaults, manholes, elevator shafts, bilges, tanks and more. Its unique four layer system adsorbs hydrocarbons, removes large and fine sediment, and polishes the water.

C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Detection Strips

The Hydrocarbon Detection Strips can quickly and accurately determine the presence of hydrocarbons in water. When the Hydrocarbon Detection Strip is introduced into a potential hydrocarbon situation, the light blue strip will turn a darker blue if hydrocarbons are present.

C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Flow Filter (HFF)

C.I.Agent® Hydrocarbon Flow Filter (HFF) removes hydrocarbons from water to a non-detectable level. The HFF is constructed from a non-woven geotextile fabric in combination with C.I.Agent®, a proprietary blend of USDA food grade polymers.

C.I.Agent® ECO Pump

The C.I.Agent® ECO Pump uses proven C.I.Agent containment technology to provide a safe and ensured compliant discharge from an application where an automatic sump pump is desired. The ECO Pump uses the same filtering concepts as the C.I.Agent Barrier Boom and Hydrocarbon Flow Filter, which protects over 7,000 sub stations, transformers or other oil filled equipment.

C.I.Agent® Scuppers

C.I.Agent® Scupper Filters are used in the scupper drain to prevent petroleum contaminated waters (deck runoff) from entering the waters of the United States. C.I.Agent® Scupper Filters incorporate an unique proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers (C.I.Agent®) that allow water to flow freely from the decks while capturing and preventing hydrocarbons from being released into the environment.

The Pump-It Tube Silt Sack

The Pump-It Tube Silt Sack removes 92% sediment when dewatering collection ponds, sumps and more. It attaches easily to pipes and hoses with a Velcro® strip (included). A pipe clamp or heavy zip tie can also be used (not included).

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