About Us

C.I.Agent Solutions® is a global leader of hydrocarbon management solutions, dedicated to providing environmental solutions to help electrical utility industry, environmental engineers and Fortune 500 industrial clients around the world reduce the cost of Secondary Containment and Diversion to meet environmental regulations.

Since 2002, more than 10,000 substations worldwide have installed PE-approved C.I.Agent Solutions’ Secondary Containment Systems to comply with EPA’s SPCC Regulation 40 CFR112.7 & U.S.D.A. Bulletin 1724E-302: Chapter 3-3.2.2 & 3.2.3. Not tied down to a specific niche, we are committed to pioneering new and innovative technical solutions to tackle whatever challenges our customers face.

Fulfilling SPCC requirements, C.I.Agent Oil Filtration Walls and Geomembrane Liner Systems, rated for the life of the equipment they protect, are manufactured for site-specific requirements custom built and can be installed at existing or new substations usually within a couple of days. Using our flagship product C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers, which is listed on the EPA NCPP Schedule as an Oil Solidifier for use on land and water, C.I.Agent Solutions’ Secondary Containment and Filtration product solutions, such as Agent-X or Agent-Q, our patented four-layer state of the art filtration media (U.S. Patent No. 8,986,822), allow rain water to pass through, but become an impervious barrier against any migrating emergency oil or other hydrocarbon release. These products prevent hydrocarbons from leaving the property, thus protecting the environment. Because of the reliability and consistent quality of our offerings, many electrical utilities have written our products into their standards.

If your containment choice is concrete or fiberglass composite walls, our Oil Filtration Panels can be used in conjunction with these products to provide safe drainage and protection. C.I.Agent Solutions believes deeply enough in the effectiveness of our innovative containment solutions to provide Product Liability Environmental Insurance of up to $7 million on our Secondary Containment Solutions.

Using the same technology, C.I.Agent Solutions can design to site specifications a C.I.Agent HFF Oil Stop Valve to fit existing gravity drains or containment vaults, where water is being held or processed, to totally eliminate the O&M costs associated with inspecting and releasing contained water.

We also offer an innovative line of Wastewater Filtration Solutions designed to assist with the unique dewatering and maintenance challenges associated with underground utility networks.

With manufacturing operations headquartered in Louisville, KY, under the direction of President Dan Parker, C.I.Agent Solutions products and services are available throughout North America and internationally. There are currently in excess of 10,000 C.I.Agent Solutions Secondary Containment Systems installed worldwide with shipments exceeding 1,000 per year in North America alone.

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