C.I.Agent Solutions helps UK Power Networks Properly Store Electric Poles using Secondary Containment Technology

UK Power Networks, which provides electricity to thousands of customers throughout the South East and the East of England, worked with C.I.Agent® Solutions to improve their method of safely storing their spare wooden electrical poles using our Secondary Containment technology. These wooden electrical poles are treated with creosote, which isn’t good for the environment. But C.I.Agent Solutions provided an effective and inexpensive method of retaining this chemical from reaching the communities waterways.

The containment area was lined with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a sturdy material comparable to that used for pond liners, and incorporated a 1 meter squared window of C.I.Agent Agent-X membrane at its low point. The membrane served to solidify and retain the creosote while allowing the rainwater to easily pass through.

Five senior members of staff from one of Ireland’s premier electricity companies, attended a meeting hosted by Jim Nicholl from UK Power Networks on how to safely store these wooden poles. After the meeting Jim had this to say about his visitor’s impression of C.I.Agent Solutions containment unit: “Our visitors were very impressed. In Ireland they have even more of a rainfall problem than we do so pollutants getting into the water courses near pole storage is a bigger issue”.

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