C.I.Agent Solutions’ Team Participates in the Oregon Spill Drill

Practice by simulation of a spill offers an opportunity for new devices and methods to be introduced to first responders. This particular drill took place March 14th on the lower Columbia River and the goal was to prepare responders to protect and enhance the quality of life of the citizens within the region as well as the environment through agency ordination.

The C.I.Agent Solutions’ team consisted of Don Mabe, Brent Hepner and Lea Ann Chapman. Other participants included Oregon first responders, the Coast Guard, numerous pollution response and salvage companies, Oregon DEQ, and additional state and local agencies.

An incident command post was set up in Patriot Hall at Clatsop Community College where the day was spent engaged in practice scenarios for a collision on the lower Columbia River. The Standard ICS (Incident Command System) was used to coordinate agencies in the response to a large-scale spill event that might threaten public health and safety, the environmental and wildlife, flow of commerce, and public and private property.

The C.I.Agent Solutions’ team designed and presented plans for cleaning up the oil spill using C.I.Agent Solutions products, including the flagship product C.I.Agent® Oil Solidifying Polymers. Scenarios were presented for shoreline clean-up, marsh clean-up, shore and offshore water decanting and vessel decontamination. Materials specified for these scenarios were the C.I.Agent® EVAC Filtration System for water decanting as well as the C.I.Agent® Sheen Boom, Quick Deployment Boom and Water Cannons for the spreading of the C.I.Agent® Oil Solidifying Polymers.

Prior to the drill, a presentation was given at the NRC office in Portland for Coast Guard personnel as well as the first responders and Oregon DEQ. The presentation showed how solidifiers are another tool in the spill response toolbox.

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