C.I.Agent Solutions – A Whole New Company; Providing Oil Containment Solutions Is Our Focus

Editor’s Note: This blog post is part of a three-part series about recent corporate changes at C.I.Agent Solutions. Be sure to read the next post in this series to find out more about the C.I.Agent Solutions “Turnkey” approach to secondary containment systems.


He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

-Harold Wilson


It has been stated many times over the past few months, but never in any official capacity. Until now. It’s time to let the world know our truth. It may surprise you.

the ceo getting his hands dirty with a secondary containment install
Dan Parker may be the company president, but that doesn’t mean he won’t provide site supervision. Here he is on a job site in Phoenix.

The landscape of the electric utility industry has been steadily evolving over the past few years. As industry leaders of providing secondary containment solutions, we have chosen to welcome these changes and implement new strategies so we can better serve our customers. We are a new company. Brand new, at least in regards to our focus. Over the last two years, C.I.Agent Solutions has undergone a number of changes. We’ve steadily moved away from the spill response industry, and are in the process of redefining our brand as a leading innovator in regards to secondary containment and hydrocarbon management challenges in the electrical utility spectrum. We are pioneers in developing innovative, disruptive oil containment solutions, and not planning to stop anytime soon.

Waterworld magazine

Proving our case in point, in March and April of this year, WaterWorld Magazine ran a two-part article series focused on the uncertain fate of independent manufacturing representatives, written by Louis LeBrun, P.E., Vice President of Pinnacle Ozone Solutions LLC. As a manufacturer that uses rep agencies to sell our line in various parts of the country, the article piqued our interest. In “The Sales Rep: Part 1: Are We Facing the Extinction of Our Industry’s Most Iconic and Misunderstood Players?”, LeBrun provides a critical analysis of the current state of the manufacturing sales rep industry. According to the article, “If current demographic, economic and industry trends persist, it’s fair to say that most rep firms as we know them today won’t exist within a decade.”

secondary containment for any energy source

Part 1 continues by detailing the history behind the industry, and how the climate of increasing environmental regulations contributed to the success and potential demise of the outside sales force business model. In “The Sales Rep: Part 2: What’s Next and How Do We Get There?”, LeBrun challenges manufacturers to help “save the best remaining firms and make them what we need them to be.” However, he acknowledges the harsh reality; this difficult process will set the stage for “survival of the fittest,” and only the strong, motivated sales firms will succeed.

The article offers several actionable steps for achieving this success, including manufacturer cooperation. “…small groups of manufacturers with complimentary, or at least non-competing, technologies might begin to form alliances. Such efforts could better position firms with each other and within the rep community as a whole.”

geomembrane liners for secondary containment system
We are a new company, completely dedicated to ensuring our customers will always be satisfied with our secondary oil containment solutions.

As a solution and customer satisfaction driven company in the secondary containment market, we have actively aligned ourselves with like-minded manufactures to form partnerships. This ensures that despite continuous changes within the market, our customers will always receive the best secondary containment solutions available.

Twelve years ago, when we installed the first Barrier Boom (Oil Filtration Panel) around a Michigan substation, did Dan Parker have the slightest inclination of what company would look like today? Not at all. But we spent years listening to our customers and custom-engineering oil filtration and containment solutions to their specific challenges. We didn’t get where we are today by accident, and we can’t wait to find out where this journey will take us.

Be sure to read our next blog post in this series to hear about our “CIAS Turnkey” approach to secondary containment solutions.

We are a New Company – 4 Things You Should Know

oil filtration and containment is now the name of our game!
Oil Filtration and containment is now the name of our game!

We are NOT in spill response. This one is difficult for many to swallow, and much of that is our own fault. From the success and national exposure garnered during the Deepwater Horizon spill, to the look and the feel of our own logo, to the many, many years spent making ourselves known in the marine industry … we have a reputation as oil spill experts. And granted, if our assistance is requested for any major oil spill, we will readily help. But it’s no longer a focus for our company. Our main focus is to provide environmental oil containment, oil filtration and protection solutions and systems using our innovative C.I.Agent Polymer technology.


Less intrusive, economical complete systems – that’s turnkey, baby!

In September, some of our sales reps learned the ins and outs of the 'CIAS Turnkey' approach
In September, some of our sales reps learned the ins and outs of the “CIAS Turnkey” approach

We’re a one-stop-shop for complete hydrocarbon containment oil filtration systems. We make it easy on our customers by offering total solutions, start to finish, in regards to secondary containment. We call it the “CIAS Turnkey” approach (look for more details about CIAS Turnkey in the next post in this series)


The WaterWorld articles made some interesting points about strategic alliances between manufacturers with complementary yet non-competing technologies or products, and we’re all in! (We’ll explain in more detail in the third post of this series)

Invested in Up and
Coming Tech
Crystal Clear Technologies uses nano-materials in their patented NMX™ to remove seleniuml in high TDS wastewater
Crystal Clear Technologies uses nano-materials in their patented NMX™ to remove seleniuml in high TDS wastewater

We hope to provide solutions for all of your environmental concerns, even if it means referring you to other companies. From selenium removal in the presence of high sulfates, to coal enzyme treatments that meet Section 45 requirements, we have our fingers on the pulse of our industry and are very happy and willing to share that information with any customers or potential customers.

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