Emergency Response for Hurricane Sandy

C.I.Agent Solutions’ staff stands ready to help those affected by the tropical storm damage from Hurricane Sandy. As the rain stopped and the water showed signs of receding, the calls came in for clean-up products that would help pump out water in underground subway and train stations, storage areas, tunnels, vaults, etc. These flooded areas are not just dealing with water, but water that has hydrocarbons in it from cars, grease, lubricants, etc. By law, the water has to be filtered first to remove the hydrocarbons or pumped by vacuum trucks and hauled away for processing. Plus there will be sediment mixed in the water that may need to be removed.

Utility substations or generating plants in this area of the country have basements or are partially built underground. Because of the tropical storm damage the flood waters reached these subsurface areas, the water shorted out the electricity needed to run the turbines and other equipment. The turbines also need oil to lubricate their moving parts and with water being heavier than oil, the water washed out the lubricant thus stopping any turbine movement. Now the problem exists of flood water with oil in it as well as the oil covering the outside of the turbines and other equipment. All the water has to be processed to remove the oil or hydrocarbons and the equipment cleaned to remove the oil coating their surface.

Production of products like the EVAC Filtration System, the Pump-It Tube Silt Sack, the Sheen Boom, the Quick Deployment Boom, C.I.Agent Pillows, and C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers were increased over the weekend in anticipation of the need. C.I.Agent Hydrocarbon Detection Strips have been requested frequently to test for hydrocarbons in the water. Degreasing products like our 1ST STRIKE was transferred into more manageable containers and boxed. So far we have been able to keep up with the demand.

The tropical storm flood water makes delivering the products to the customer a challenge. With water still standing, trucks can’t deliver the goods and electricity is still out in many areas. Special arrangements for air drops have been discussed. C.I.Agent Solutions has a mobile command center and response trailer loaded with product. If called on, the command center and trailer will head for the east coast.

C.I.Agent Solutions, located in Louisville, Kentucky, has a network of manufacturing representatives in the affected areas of New York, the coast of New Jersey, and Pennsylvania who have been our eyes and ears and have been able to keep on top of the situation. Some of our own have lost homes, vehicles, and power because of Hurricane Sandy. Others were affected by the freak snow further inland.

Like everyone else now, we wait. When the time is right and our number is called, we will do what we do best – remove hydrocarbon and sheen from water, degrease equipment, and help get communities back up and running.

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