Diesel Fuel Spill Emergency Cleanup

Last week, C.I.Agent® Solutions’ immediate response team was deployed on a diesel fuel spill that occurred at a distribution facility in Middletown, KY.

The spill was caused by a tractor not having its air brake engaged after positioning a trailer up to a loading dock. The unmanned tractor rolled into a Ford F-150 truck parked on the premises. The Ford truck subsequently flipped over and fell 6 feet into a creek.

The impact between the tractor and the truck caused the tractor’s saddle tank to rupture. Approximately 125 gallons of diesel fuel started leaking from the tank into the creek.

When the C.I.Agent Solutions response team arrived on scene, they deployed C.I.Agent Sheen Boom to stop the diesel fuel from spreading on the water. C.I.Agent Pillows and Loose Granules were used to solidify and remove the fuel from the water.

It took C.I.Agent Solutions 7.5 man-hours to completely contain and clean up the spill.



Overturned Truck in Creek

Fuel Spill - Overturned Truck

C.I.Agent Sheen Boom deployed to contain diesel fuel. Loose Granules applied on diesel fuel.

Fuel Spill - C.I.Agent Sheen Boom

Solidified diesel fuel floats on water and is easily recovered.

Fuel Spill - Solidified Diesel Fuel Removal

The solidified diesel fuel is non-toxic and can be recycled or simply displosed of.

Fuel Spill - Solidified

The creek is clean after 7.5 hours

Fuel Spill - Clean Creek Result

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