Introducing an Interactive Secondary Containment Solutions Tool

Secondary containment for oil-filled energized equipment is a concern for many environmental engineers and utility companies around North America. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” oil containment solution available to protect the environment and comply with SPCC regulations. Every substation site is unique, and require site-specific containment dependent on a number of details.

We know the first step to implementing effective oil containment is to understand the various options available, based on specific variables. Several months ago, we decided to create an interactive tool designed to help engineers, contractors and utilities understand the myriad of applications we offer for oil containment needs. Whether new secondary containment is required, or a site with previous or sub-par containment needs to be retrofitted or enhanced, our interactive Secondary Containment Solutions Tool can guide you in identifying the best choices for your situation.

Our new Secondary Oil Containment Solutions Tool on a desktop computer
Our new Secondary Containment Solutions Tool on a desktop computer
Our new Secondary Oil Containment Solutions Tool also allows users to access via an iPhone, Android or tablet
Our new Secondary Containment Solutions Tool also allows users to access via an iPhone, Android or tablet

The Secondary Containment Solutions Tool is easily accessible from our website on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. The dynamic application can be used for navigating solutions in two distinct situations:


New containment – for new constructed sites or those that do not currently have secondary containment


Existing containment – for sites that currently have containment, but are interested in retrofitting, updating, enhancing or changing current containment options

The tool is extremely straight-forward, and utilizes variables selected by the user to narrow down the available secondary containment solutions. Variables are similar to those listed on our Site Assessment Sheet, and include subsoil type, space or depth constraints, fire suppression, topography, the condition of current containment, winter temperatures, and more. To find out more about a specific solution, click on it to access additional photos and information.

Watch this short video for a quick rundown of how to utilize the Secondary Containment Solutions Tool.

We know none of our competitors come close to offering the breadth of solutions that we can provide. Our custom engineered Secondary Containment Solutions and Oil Containment Systems have been used in more than 10,000 installs and meet or exceed SPCC Regulations. But why take our word for it? Check out the Secondary Containment Solutions Tool and witness for yourself all the solutions we bring to the table.

Have a project with more challenges than listed in the Secondary Containment Solutions Tool? We’d love to talk about it. There’s no hydrocarbon management problem that we can’t engineer a solution to … it’s what we do! Contact us today.


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