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When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills, according to a Chinese proverb. Well, the winds of change are here. It’s visible by the swirl of colorful leaves in the air as well as the possible election of our country’s first female president.


Change is inevitable, and as a company, we understand that the more we fight it, the more futile the fight becomes. However, C.I.Agent Solutions didn’t become successful because it failed to evolve; quite the opposite, in fact. It was its ability to adapt and willingly grow with the market that’s allowed it to thrive.

On Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, the day before the country’s most bizarre election in recent memory, Justrite® Safety Group Company, a leading source of storage, handling and security products, acquired C.I.Agent Solutions.

“As a successful small business, I’ve been approached for potential acquisitions many times in the past, but nothing that was ever an ideal fit until this one,” states Dan Parker, founder of C.I.Agent Solutions. “I only felt I could sell the company to a company that reflects my own values and commitment to excellence, and when it came down to it, Justrite® does just that.


“Many of its products are quite complementary to the C.I.Agent Solutions’ offerings,” he adds.

Similar to C.I.Agent Solutions, Justrite® is a company that focuses on protection. Whether it be safety in the workplace, or spill control solutions that protect the environment, Justrite® has built its reputation as the provider of the world’s most widely trusted safety containment systems.

Justrite® is excited about the acquisition of C.I. Agent Solutions. The company brings many talented people, and a cutting edge oil filtration technology that removes hydrocarbons from water,” states Mark McElhinny, Justrite® President and CEO. “This fits perfectly into our secondary spill containment solutions and will help customers with their environmental safety needs.”



Commitment to Excellence

Since it was founded in 1906, Justrite® has developed, patented and produced industrial safety and waste storage equipment. Like C.I.Agent Solutions, it understands that the industry is constantly changing, and takes great strides to create innovative, high-performing solutions that keep up with their customers’ evolving demands.

Some of the popular Justrite® safety and storage products include:

Safety and Storage Cabinets: Designed to store flammable liquids, corrosives, pesticides and other hazardous materials

Safety & Storage Cabinets
Safety & Storage Cabinets


Safety Cans and Containers: Safe storage for flammable liquids to minimize the risk of fires and provide safer workplaces.

Safety Cans & Containers
Safety Cans & Containers


Drum Funnels and Equipment: Drum storage and dispensing technology designed with safety in mind

Drum Funnels & Equipment
Drum Funnels & Equipment


Spill Control and Environmental: Comprehensive portfolio of solutions for industrial spill control

Spill Control & Environmental
Spill Control & Environmental



Other Services Available

Justrite Redbook
Justrite® Redbook

While its product line is quite extensive, Justrite® offers more than just products. Justrite® goes above and beyond for its customers by extending a number of unique safety-related services, including safety surveys, training and new product development. In fact, they’ve even harnessed their expertise as a recognized leader in the industrial safety products market to educate customers on important safety matters through valuable resources such as the “Redbook,” a free handbook guide detailing how to safely handle flammable liquids.





Everybody Must Win


Acquisitions are a part of business, and while they can seem scary, they can also be very beneficial to the customer or end user. That is what both companies envision with this deal.

“Our customers can continue to expect the same quality of secondary containment solutions in the future,” Parker says, noting that none of their current offerings will be altered. In fact, like C.I.Agent Solutions, Justrite® also boasts a healthy devotion to R&D, which was a key factor in the decision to move forward with the acquisition.

“We’re known for being pioneers in the electric utility industry, and were hitching our wagons to emerging technology long before it was any sort of standard,” Parker continues. “Our philosophy is that everybody must win, and with this deal, everyone does – Justrite®, C.I.Agent Solutions, and our many customers around the world.”

For more information about Justrite®, visit https://www.justrite.com.

To read the official press release, visit https://www.justrite.com/press-release/.




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