Not Sure What to Use for Dewatering a Vault? We’re Here to Help!


There are a number of variables to consider when dewatering the dark, murky bowels of underground utility vaults and manholes. The most important factor is to comply with federal, state and local regulations when pumping the water. But finding the correct filtering device to uphold Best Management Practices for pumping vaults poses challenges of its own, and is dependent on what contaminants may be present in the water. The filter configuration for pumping a vault with heavy sediment and possible PCBs will be different than for that of pumping a vault in which the water is simply just discolored and cloudy.

For this reason, we’ve created an easy-to-use online flow chart of various EVAC filter combinations for vault and manhole dewatering. The step-by-step interface allows users to specify their low volume waste challenges, which in turn helps to determine which components are recommended to dewater their vault or manhole. Each suggested solution is represented by a short animation that demonstrates the dewatering configuration in action.

We hope this will serve as an interactive tool for those who regularly provide maintenance to underground utility networks, and would be happy to discuss all of our dewatering and filtration solutions with you in more detail if requested.

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