Oil & Gas Review: Environmentally-friendly approach to hydrocarbon spills

A recent article about C.I.Agent® technology was published in Australia’s Oil & Gas Review magazine which focuses on various trends in the energy industry.

The article below is featured in Issue 1, October 2010.

NO DOUBT environmental issues today are taken more seriously by industries worldwide. A noticeable trend in companies’ attitudes has become evident as they look for new, improved and cost-effective solutions in certain areas where many conventional methods and existing product technology have become outdated and costly.

C.I.Agent Solutions is making big impact in these areas with its new polymer technology, offering solutions and products that stand out from conventional methods and products currently used.

Essentially, the C.I.Agent product is a unique blend of food-grade polymer technology that brings a highly cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to the prevention, clean up and disposal of hydrocarbon spill and contaminants on land and water.

The key to C.I.Agent is that it covers the whole range of hydrocarbons and is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic.
“We believe it is the only product blend that consistently solidifies all hydrocarbons, and in all cases so far the solidified hydrocarbons meet regulations of disposal as general waste (not contaminated) as it does not leach, passing TCLP and paint filter tests, or alternately it can simply be recycled,” C.I.Agent managing director Barry Sim said.

“Additionally, it is hydrophobic, so water passes through it easily and only the hydrocarbon is captured. It is an outstanding product for complete, environmentally sustainable capture of hydrocarbon spills.”

C.I.Agent Solutions Australia Pacific is Australian owned and manufactures in Australia using Australian-made products and suppliers where possible.
“We are in the business of providing solutions using this technology and developing an array of specialized products and solutions, which in many cases reduce costs by up to 80 per cent as a total solution over traditional construction and hydrocarbon containment methods, especially where concrete bunding is concerned.” Mr. Sim Said. “Some of our recent solutions were jointly developing a process to dispense C.I.Agent polymers through a water cannon vortex arrangement allowing spills to be solidified and recovered using the same cannon on larger water areas and shorelines.”

These product lines became a key part of the shorelines protection equipment in the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and have received glowing praise from the US Coast Guard, BP and the US media.

“In addition, this application also offers a vapor suppressant solution when this requirement comes into effect under IMO HNS next year for ports globally,” Mr. Sim added.

To date, C.I.Agent has provided and developed solutions in the mining and offshore oil industries, including many hydrocarbon spill cleanups on land, shoreline and water; special purpose dual containment booms for defense and maritime sensitive environments; self-draining bund pallets; hydrocarbon filters for stormwater; and containment bunding (temporary and fixed) for many industries, including current defense installations in Afghanistan.

The power industry is another popular area where more than 7000 barrier boom bunds have been installed instead of concrete bunds due to huge cost savings and little downtime in comparison.

“The product has a proven track record in terms of economic hydrocarbon management processes, and we are ready to work with companies and government agencies to provide and/or develop practical and cost-effective solutions,” Mr. Sim said.

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