Oil Spill In Tjörn, Sweden

C.I.Agent Solutions is assisting the Swedish National Coast Guard (Kustbevakningen) in cleaning up a large oil spill in Tjörn, Sweden. On Saturday, it received a request from the Swedish Coast Guard to supply 10,000 pounds of C.I.Agent oil solidifying polymers and fifty 50-feet C.I Agent Quick Deployment booms.

Swedish authorities first learned of the large oil spill on Thursday. It is not entirely clear what caused the spill, but Swedish news agency The Local said that the oil slick was traced back to a September 10 ship collision off the Danish west coast.

“Clean up efforts have been going on around the clock since Friday,” according to Jonas berg of the Swedish Coast Guard.

This oil spill is the largest to affect Sweden in years. The Local reported that over 110,000 gallons of oil have been recovered so far. Although the majority of the spill is expected to be cleaned up in the next few days, the full recovery is expected to take weeks.

According to Jonas Akerlund from the Swedish Coast Guard: “The oil has not spread, it remains inside the booms at Haron. It appears we will have good weather today so we hope to remove a lot of the oil during the day.”

Nine vessels, one airplane and over fifty coast guard personnel are involved in the cleanup operation.

Gothenburg’s Bird Centre (Göteborgs Fågelcentral) had received 15 oiled birds by Saturday afternoon. The extent of the damage to birds and other wildlife still remains uncertain.

According to Tommy Järås from the Bird Centre, “It is difficult to assess how many birds are affected. But presumably it can involve hundreds, perhaps up to a thousand. There may be injured birds on the islands and reefs that can only be reached by boat”.

For photos of the spill, please check out the Swedish Coast Guard website.

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