Top 8 College GameDay Signs for the Secondary Containment Industry

For those who don’t know, our headquarters is in Louisville, KY, and while we’re home to a LOT of amazing things, there is one rather large entity missing from our humble state – professional sports, of any kind, other than some minor league teams.

Because we lack these professional sports organizations that drive the economy in so many other large cities around the country, many of us pour our hearts (and dollars!) into college sports … and this time of year, nothing is more exciting than football.

In fact, the city has been in a frenzy all week about an upcoming game on Saturday, and for good reason. For the first time ever, ESPN’s long-running college football pre-game show, “ESPN College GameDay Built by The Home Depot,” will air live from the University of Louisville on Sept. 17, prior to the ACC showdown between the No. 10-ranked Cardinals and the No. 2-ranked Florida State Seminoles.

College GameDay visits Lousville, KY, the headquarters for C.I.Agent Solutions
ESPN College Gameday cast at Lambeau Field on Sept. 3, talking with guest picker Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Photo credit:

While the live preview show is headlined by popular sports analysts and broadcasters Lee Corso, Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and David Pollack, it is perhaps the crowd behind the stadium set that contribute most to the mood and popularity of the show. Composed mainly of students and fans at the hosting school, they cheer in the background throughout the show, many garnishing hand-made signs that serve to trash talk the opposing team and amuse football fans watching all over the country with crafty or ironic references.

As a college football fan myself, I often watch Gameday on Saturday morning simply to see what outlandish or witty signs stand out that day, which gave me an idea … what if we could make trash-talking or clever signs in our own industries? For those not lucky enough to work in sports, we rarely, if ever, get such an opportunity. But what if we could?

The harsh reality about the secondary containment market is that it’s not very sexy. Or glamourous. There aren’t head-to-head competitions on a regular basis for society’s entertainment. So there is never a need, ever, for the creation of clever or outlandish signs about industry-related trends.

But what if there was?

For the sake of Gameday’s first ever appearance in the Derby City, and for fun, I’ve come up with a few ideas for signs that we could make and wave in the air, if there ever were a need (which of course there wouldn’t be!) This is all just tongue-in-cheek antics, and granted, most of these are no more than glorified memes, but hope you enjoy!



Top 8 GameDay Signs for the Secondary Containment Industry

8. Willy Wonka

In honor of the recent passing of the great Gene Wilder, we can’t resist adding this iconic meme to the mix. His expression is the perfect mix of creepy interest and blatant condescension. His sardonic half-grin really drives the point home. Sure, you technically don’t have to have oil containment … but you’d be a whole lot smarter if you did!



7. We Didn’t Start the Transformer Fire

This throwback referencing Billy Joel’s classic 1980’s pop song is a sobering reminder that transformer oil fires are dangerous … but many can be prevented. Because the nature of substation fires creates such dangerous environments, IEEE Std. P980 advises owners and operators of oil-filled electrical equipment to be proactive in mitigating the risk of blazing infernos, by eliminating the variables necessary for a maintaining a successful fire – oxygen, fuel and heat. One easy way to accomplish this? By installing a below-grade secondary containment system, such as our C.I.Agent Geomembrane Liner with Oil Filtration Panels.

secondary containment protects below gound while firefighters protect above



Having transformer oil containment in place is crucial to be SPCC compliant

6. You Down with SPCC?

First 80s pop, now 90s rap? Maybe this reference is a little dated, but all electric utilities with oil-filled equipment should know it’s naughty to ignore the Clean Water Act’s secondary containment requirements. The regulations are only there to protect the beauty of nature, after all!



5. & 4. What’s in Your Water? & White Is the New Green

Here’s a double whammy – two signs, and two relevant pop culture references. The sign on the right is a parody of Samuel L. Jackson’s Capital One “What’s in your wallet?” commercial. It’s a valid query; after all, did you know that drinkable water can have up to 15 PPM of oil, and still be considered safe for consumption? Yuck. On a positive note, our Hydrocarbon Detection Strips can detect ANY hydrocarbon in water or soil – but don’t take our word for it, check out this collection of Vine videos and see these brilliant strips in action. Once oil is detected, feel free to tackle it head on with our super “green” C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers … hahaha, that’s environmental humor at its finest. The WHITE polymers solidify oil, creating an extremely environmentally safe, aka GREEN, solution!

simple hydrocarbon detection and the oil spill containment technology for proper removal



transformer oil containment…got it covered

3. 99 Problems

Electric utilities have all sorts of problems, from aging infrastructure, to the threat of cyber attacks. Modern society is so dependent on electricity and other luxurious norms, that keeping the power supply in check is of upmost priority, no matter what. That’s why we offer a Pollution and Product Liability Insurance Policy of up to $7 million, so utilities can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the most reliable oil containment available. That way, they can spend their time worrying about other important things – like powering the huge venues that play host to Jay Z and Beyoncé concerts.



2. Nemo is a LIAR!

Oh, dear. Poor Nemo. He knew not what he did. How could he? He was a naïve, sheltered clown fish with an under-developed fin. But it’s about time to stop the lies once and for all … because all drains DO NOT lead to the ocean!

wastewater management; learn the facts Nemo



C.I.Agent secondary containment, the ultimate substation protection


Okay, we couldn’t resist. We’ve all seen those homemade “ESPN” signs that people hold up during nationally-televised sporting events with the sole hope of scoring a few seconds of air time. Half the time, the phrases they use don’t really make sense, but as long as they showcase the network’s broadcasting letters, no one seems to care. So here’s a shameless plug using the ESPN letters … hey, at least it’s true!



Honorary Mention: You had one job!

Yeah, we really went there. It’s all in good sportsmanship, but seriously though, finding the right solution can be a breeze with the use of our Secondary Containment Solutions Tool!

secondary containment is serious business, choose your solution wisely




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