C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liner – Oil Containment Liner

The C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liner is SPCC Compliant for Oil Spill Containment and all your Secondary Containment needs.

The C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liner and Oil Filtration Panel Containment Systems for hydrocarbon filtration in sandy or undetermined subsoils, allows storm water to flow through the C.I.Agent Oil Filtration Panel side walls while removing hydrocarbons. In the event of a large spill, the side walls completely solidify and contain the hydrocarbon, keeping it from escaping.

Product Applications

Product Applications

The C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liners install quickly and are perfect for secondary containment. It is recommended to have two to three inches of pea gravel over excavated area prior to vinyl application.

Performance Specifications

Performance Specifications

  • The base of the liner is made of 22 oz. polyvinyl with pre-formed corners and the side walls are made with C.I.Agent® vinyl applications booms. The booms are constructed from non-woven geo-textile material filled with C.I.Agent® Granules, a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers that encapsulate hydrocarbons.
  • Water flow rate: 5 GPM per sq. ft.
  • Hydrocarbon flow rate: 0 GPM (100%+ oil containment)
  • Service life of installed product: Up to 200 years



  • A bury and forget applications
  • Cost-effective solution for Secondary Spill Containment
  • C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liners for oil spill containment.
  • The C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liners are pre-fabricated at the factory and assembled on site.
  • Order the size you need. Don’t pay for a full roll of other impervious material.
  • C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liners will not drip or leach out.
  • Additional vinyl provided for alterations during installation.

Technical Information

Sample Install Video

Sample Secondary Containment Install Video

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C.I.Agent® Geomembrane Liners can be custom manufactured to meet each client’s exact specifications.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Install Photos


Fairground Substation

Cleveland Clinic

Avery (First Energy) Installation — Smaller Footprint

The customer wanted to leave create a “smaller footprint” when they added secondary containment to a substation. A design and procedure developed by Burns & McDonnell tackled this problem head on by adopting the practice of using ABS perforated pipe (PVC works as well) in the floor of the containment units to increase the oil capacity and reduce the size of the footprint of the containment area.

The volume of oil capacity is increased exponentially using the pipes. Let’s go over the math. Normally, when calculating containment capacity for a Geomembrane Liner system or Oil Filtration Panel, we use the following:

  • 1 cubic foot=7.50 gallons of capacity
  • 1 cubic foot of stone=3 gallons of capacity at 40% void

(Image One) However, in this case, because the area of a circle gives you the square footage times the length of the pipe times the gallons/liters, we get about a 99% void area rather than the 40% void we get in the stone.

(Image Two) The piping must be perforated to ensure the void space, otherwise you defeat the purpose of this technique. The pipes were covered with between 12” and 18” of clean, washed and screened stone to provide fire quenching.

Some of the many benefits of applying this method instead of other methods is that it requires less of the following:

  • Excavation
  • Disposal of dirt
  • CIAS materials
  • Gravel and stone
  • Labor & Time
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