C.I.Agent Solutions Launches New Blog

Do any of the following describe the secondary containment capabilities of your substation?
Cracked concrete vaults. Murky pools of oil, sheen and debris. Silt, dirt and trash build-ups when pumping out water. All secondary containment is not created equal, and sometimes complying with regulations causes more headaches than anticipated.

Never fear, that’s why C.I.Agent Solutions is here! We combine years of experience creating and installing over 9,000 secondary containment systems worldwide with a healthy dose of versatility in our approach to tackling problems commonly faced by utility companies, such as secondary containment compliance, chronic water intrusion in vaults and manholes requiring hydrocarbon filtration, storm water diversion, emergency spill response … and so much more. We’ve made it a habit to develop efficient and novel applications to supply our customers with the best possible options to meet their challenges.

Founded by perennial entrepreneur Dan Parker in 2000, C.I.Agent Solutions’ mission is to help all companies that must comply with stringent, yet vague, SPCC requirements to mitigate and (hopefully one day in the future) eliminate oil pollution. In 2010, we acquired C.I.Agent Storm·Water Solutions to offer new strategies for wastewater, diversion and monitoring.

We understand that our products and solutions are only a small cog in the overall machine of a company’s day-to-day operations, but our goal is to ensure you don’t have to waste your valuable time stressing over that cog! The purpose of this blog is to inform, educate and sometimes amuse readers as we share valuable tips and pointers on the topics of which we are experts, from controlling oil spills, to SPCC regulation updates, to secondary containment enhancements. We hope you’ll check back often for new posts, and encourage you to ask whatever questions you might have. Hopefully, the C.I.Agent Solutions blog will become a tool to make your job easier!


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