SPCC Deadline – November 10, 2011

SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) Compliance Date

On October 7, 2010, EPA maintained the November 10, 2010, compliance date for drilling, production or workover facilities that are offshore or that have an offshore component, and for onshore facilities required to have and submit Facility Response Plans (FRPs). However, EPA extended the compliance date an additional year for all other facilities to amend or develop a SPCC plan until November 10, 2011.

Are you in compliance with SPCC requirements?

You need an SPCC plan if you:

  • Have an above ground oil storage capacity greater than 1,320 gallons using storage media such as tanks, containers, drums, portable totes, transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment
  • Have an underground tank storage capacity greater than 42,000 gallons
  • Drill, produce, store, process, refine, transfer, distribute, use, or consume oil or oil products
  • Could reasonably be expected to discharge oil to navigable waters of the United States, or adjoining shorelines

C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom guarantees SPCC compliance.

C.I.Agent Barrier Boom has become the accepted cost-effective solution for Secondary Containment by professional engineers across the United States & Canada.

C.I.Agent Barrier Boom is a revolutionary oil spill containment system that will allow unimpeded flow of water during normal rainfall events or snowmelt, but will become an impervious barrier in the event of an oil release.

The Barrier Boom is constructed from non-woven geo-textile material filled with C.I.Agent Granules, a proprietary blend of USDA food-grade polymers, and backed with Agent-X, a non-woven geo-textile material with C.I.Agent embedded within the fabric.

Over the last decade, over 8000 C.I.Agent Barrier Boom Secondary Containment systems have been installed in the electrical utility industry. Barrier Boom installations are backed by a four million dollar liability insurance policy.

Read more about the C.I.Agent Barrier Boom.

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