C.I.Agent Barrier Boom 10th Anniversary

November marks the 10th Anniversary of the first installation of C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom (a.k.a Oil Filtration Panel) for Secondary Containment Systems in the Utility industry.

Since its conception, we have installed C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom in over 9,000 SPCC applications for spill containment. C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom is installed nationally in all 50 states, and internationally in Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden, Korea, Puerto Rico, and the Middle East. We have manufactured and installed over 2.1 miles of Barrier Boom in the first quarter of 2012.
C.I.Agent Solutions® is the only company in this market that provides the customer with an environmental insurance policy (when product is installed to manufacturer’s specs).

The oil solidifying polymers known as C.I.Agent® were originally used for oil cleanup in auto maintenance shops in the 1990s by Dan Parker at his company Onsite Waste Management. Wanting to break into new markets, such as oil spill response and oil spill containment, Dan created the company Immediate Response Spill Technology (IRST).

The first official PO for a C.I.Agent Barrier Boom Oil Spill Containment system came in October; the largest order the company had ever received had to be turned around quickly for a November install. Both C.I.Agent® Pillows and Boom Socks had to be made. To get enough C.I.Agent® to fill the order, all the samples that had been distributed to potential customers and field reps had to be recalled. Spouses, relatives and friends were asked to donate their time to construct the Pillows and Boom Socks so the install could be completed on schedule.

On November 5, 2002, the first C.I.Agent® Oil Spill Containment system went into the ground. Four hundred eight 12 x 12 inch C.I.Agent® Polymer-filled Pillows and approximately 317 linear feet of 4 inch Boom Socks were used to construct the first spill containment install. The process went without any challenges and the system is still providing protection to this day. If a spill were to happen, an updated C.I.Agent® Secondary Containment system would put in place.

Over the years there have been many improvements made to C.I.Agent® Barrier Boom Secondary Containment System. The technique of using 12” pillows horizontally has been replaced with a high tech vertical boom composed of C.I.Agent® Agent-X, C.I.Agent® Solidifying Polymers and a geotextile sandwiched together, providing a cost effective and EPA SPCC compliant means of protecting the environment.

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