Three Reasons Why Underground Utilities Need a Vault Sump Filter System for Christmas

Have you ever been in an underground utility vault? Chances are, probably not. Even though there are an estimated 5 million electrical utility vaults and manholes in the U.S. (approximately four manholes to every one vault), they’re not the most popular places. Dark, damp, often full of sludge and debris, or completely flooded, vaults and manholes probably get the least amount of love from utility companies. Inspection schedules vary by need and regional location, but from our research, we estimate that most power companies inspect their vaults at least once a year, and their manholes about every four years.

Vault Sump Filters for Sludge Dewatering
Vaults are dirty, dark and damp. Not an ideal place to hang out!

The great thing about underground utilities is that in most cases, rigorous maintenance isn’t required. Not a lot happens down there, and as long as the equipment is functioning properly, there’s no cause for concern.

However, there are certain scenarios where challenges arise in regards to vault maintenance. Since water intrusion is inevitable, the majority of them are fitted with some sort of pump to handle the water. What the pumps can’t handle is debris, sediment and light oils. The pumps soon malfunction and stop up. The utility companies are then forced to maintenance the problems, which uses up valuable time and resources.

Good news for utility companies moving forward … as promised, we have a solution that keeps you – and your pump – covered. Literally!

C.I.Agent Solutions now offers Vault Sump Filters for sludge dewatering and your other vault filtration needs.

Available in round shape and in segmented panels for flexibility to fit in any area, the complete Vault Sump System includes the Filter Housing, the Debris and Silt Filter, and the Oil and Sheen Filter. Components can be ordered together as a system, or separately.


Round Vault Sump System for Sludge Dewatering
The complete Round Vault Sump System includes the Filter Housing, the Debris and Silt Filter, and the Oil and Sheen Filter (not pictured). Components can be ordered separately and custom sizes are welcome

The C.I.Agent Round Vault Sump Filter measures 24 inches diameter by 12 inches tall and is placed around the sump hole to protect the pump from sediment and debris; the C.I.Agent Square Vault Sump Filter has four 24 inch by 12 inch tall flexible panels that can easily be configured in multiple shapes and placed around the sump hole or as a partition to protect the pump from sediment and debris. (Custom sizes are also welcome.)

In case you need more convincing, here’s 3 reasons why utilities should be asking Santa for our Vault Sump Filters this year.




Sediment Filter for Sludge Dewatering
The Debris and Silt filter is 75 inches long by 12 inches tall 100 micron white Nylon Monofilament Mesh fabric that is durable, washable and reusable

3. Components can be ordered a la carte

Sure, we offer the complete package, but if that’s not what you need, we won’t make you order it. Some vaults may have oil-detecting pumps already and just need something to stave off sediment, not sheen. We’ll gladly sell you the Debris and Silt Filter by itself. Its 100 micron white Nylon Monofilament Mesh fabric will stop the dirt and muck, but won’t be able to filter sheen.




Filter Housing for debris filtration and Sludge Dewatering
The Filter Housing is strong and can be used as a stand-alone for debris filtration and sludge dewatering

2. Best housing on the block
We didn’t mess around when creating the Filter Housing. It’s constructed of top-of-the-line white perforated Polypropylene that has high impact resistance strength, does not absorb moisture and is chemical and corrosion resistant. It has 3175 micron holes on 3/16 inch centers, staggered pattern with 40% open area, and can be used as a debris filter by itself, if you’re just trying to keep large debris from clogging around your pump.




Round Vault Sump Oil and Sheen Filter for Sludge Dewatering
The C.I.Agent® Round Vault Sump Oil and Sheen Filter captures oil and sheen, can be disposed of in a landfill and is easy to replace.

1. Agent-Q to the rescue

If you need protection from oil and sheen, you can’t beat C.I.Agent Agent-Q, a filtering media which shuts off in the presence of oil to prevent oil from going through to the pump. Agent-Q has two layers of fabric that contain, in sonic bonded quilted diamonds, at least 350 grams per m2 of C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers. It’s like a superhero of sorts – one layer of Agent-Q flows at 400 gallons/minute/m2. It also has an average grab strength of nominal 60 pounds (ASTM D5034 testing) and a burst strength of nominal 70 psi (ASTM D3786 testing).


So now that you know about this low maintenance, highly-efficient solution for sludge dewatering and to protect pumps in underground vaults and manholes, there’s no reason why C.I.Agent® Vault Sump Pump Filters won’t be at the top of your Christmas list this year, right? Hopefully, it will at least make the list at your local utility company!

For more information about our vault and manhole maintenance products, please call us at 502-267-0101. For technical data, click here.


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