Tips for Selecting Secondary Containment Products

Did you know an incorrect choice of secondary containment products for your client could cost them $37,500 or more per day per violation in fines?

We know everyone is not aware of how important the selection of secondary containment products can be and why compliance with Federal Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC) Secondary Containment EPA Regulation 40 CFR 112 is so important. Click here for SPCC Regulations. Facilities that store large quantities of petroleum products need to have a plan in place to contain a spill. We offer the following tips when comparing secondary containment products.


When determining a plan for secondary containment, the decision maker needs to assess which product will provide the type of containment needed; total secondary containment or diversion. If the decision is for total containment, does the product provide full compliance with the SPCC regulations? Products that only promise some compliance with these regulations or some prevention of hydrocarbons leaking into surrounding ground should be avoided.


Each secondary containment site is unique and should be treated as such. Off-the-shelf products that may be sufficient at one location may not provide compliance in another. Click here for engineering specs for our C.I.Agent Barrier Boom.


Cheaper, look-a-like products may not provide the same protection and compliance that a higher priced product does. Do your research to compare apples to apples. When writing your spec for proposals, be specific in the description of the product you want. History shows us that purchasing agents have a tendency to look at price rather than compliance and you could end up with minimal protection that could cause compliance issues.


Reputable companies will back the quality and efficiency of their products. While a Pollution Insurance Policy is unusual in this industry, there are companies out there that will protect their customer by providing such a policy.

C.I.Agent Solutions inground and above ground secondary containment systems, like the C.I.Agent Barrier Boom and the Polyvinyl and Barrier Boom Systems, provide 110 percent containment, full SPCC compliance, and also comply with Canadian regulations including Canadian Bill 133. Our products are thoroughly tested by third-party labs and we are proud to share that information with our customers because our products perform the way we say they will. Our secondary containment products are custom-made to each individual application providing the customer assurance and peace-of-mind that the products work effectively to meet their needs. Our products drastically reduce the labor and expense of secondary containment. Additionally, C.I.Agent Solutions is the only company we are aware of that backs their secondary containment products with a $2 million pollution insurance and a $2 million product liability policy. For more information about the insurance policy click here.

We are proud to boast our eleven year affiliation with the utility industry and over 9,000 successful secondary containment installs globally.

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